SMART AND WELL MADE. These words perfectly describe Goodmatch’s, a 100% Italian brand, philosophy.

A family business boasting more than 50 years of history, who has succeeded in evolving throughout time and in always being up to date all the while being faithful to its fundamental values, which have made it stand out through the years: experience, tradition, craftmanship and quality.

This resulted in refined, elegant, colorful and comfortable ready-to-wear pieces: ideal for the dynamic lifestyle of modern women, who are determined to not change their wardrobe every season and to live each piece to its full potential. A lot of practicality with a touch of femininity

given by just the right amount of frills are at the basis of all the garments: designed to make the woman who wears them feel perfectly at ease from the moment she steps out of the house in the morning to when she returns to it after a long day; from a day at the office to a cocktail party, through a meeting, a movie or a dinner, all she needs is a change of shoes and accessories and she’s good to go. A fundamental role is also played by the fabrics used: functional, versatile, light and practical, often merged in unexpected combinations following a constant research into the best and newest materials.

Goodmatch encloses in its name the essence of its DNA: a “good match” between tradition and innovation, looking at the future. This is a confirmation of the feminine, contemporary and dynamic brand’s soul.

Currently the brand has two flagship stores in Parma and Forte dei Marmi, and it’s distributed in the best multi-brand stores in Italy and globally.