Goodmatch way of life

We believe that it’s always the right reason to wear a piece that makes you feel like yourself in the city you love: no distinction between Milan, Parma, London or New York.

That a blazer is a must have in every woman’s closet, and with a trench coat you can go anywhere!

That for every season there is a different colour to fill your closet with, and once you’re found the right model it will always be part of your style

We believe that the prints of our fabrics are the same that you should wear during the day when you run from one job to the next, or at night, when you have a drink with friends.

We love attention to detail joined with an original and unmistakable touch. We are constantly researching comfortable materials to create a unique offer.

We look back at a tradition of 50 years, but every day we are inventing a possible future that brings together a 100% Made in Italy product to fabrics selected to last in time, artisanal quality and innovative solutions, like recycled fibres and sustainable production methods.

Our story starts in 1964 with a big country house, a young woman just married, her experience in sportswear and the skills of Italian tayloring. This adventure reaches today, and is the story of female entrepreneurship.

Our feet stand in Italy but our head is travelling around the world.