Good Match s.a.s, office in Via Marchi 1, Pieveottoville, Parma, National Identification Number and VAT/TAX Registration Number 01965620345 (as follows the “Vendor”), shall operate by means of a web e-commerce platform that offers clients the possibility to purchase products that are related to style, the artisan made and design that is characteristic of goods Made in Italy (as follows the “Products”). The Vendor shall advertise on the website (as follows the “Website”) the offers that relate to the Products being sold [and distinguished by the brand Good Match]. The Vendor gives the users of the Website, who proceed to registration and creation of an account (as follows the “Customer”), the possibility to purchase products on the same Website.

Article 1 – Terms for registration and management of the account

To be able to access and use the Website after having made a payment on a product, the user must proceed to registration and create an account on the Website. After having registered and created an account, the user must give the Vendor his personal data. Every user is responsible to provide only truthful data and keep thus data updated. The security of the account is the exclusive responsibility of the Customer. The Customer is, furthermore, responsible for any and every activity that is carried out on one’s own account. In any case, the Customer is responsible to communicate promptly to the Vendor any possible non-authorized access on one’s own account. Each Customer may cancel one’s own account at any given moment by contacting the Vendor at the email address [as indicated]. The Vendor reserves the right to deactivate the accounts that remain inactive for a prolonged period of time over 12 months.

Article 2 – The Customer’s use of the Website

2.1. After having completed a transaction on the Website, the usage of the account must occur exclusively in regards to the present General Selling Conditions.

2.2. The Vendor does not guarantee the continuous and uninterrupted access to the Website [and the account] which may be influenced by factors that are beyond one’s control (circumstances beyond one’s control and/or third party legal or illegal actions). As a result, within the foreseen limits of the laws in force, the Vendor excludes any implicit guarantees, terms or conditions.

Article 3 – Price of Products

3.1 The sale price of the indicated products on the Website (following the “price”) is given in Euros and includes VAT/TAX, but it does not include the cost of delivery, except where explicitly specified. Custom duties, if requested, are not included in the final price.

3.2 The Vendor reserves the right to modify Prices at any given time, but is responsible to maintain – in regards to the Customer – the prices indicated on the Website at the time a payment is made.

Article 4 – Procedure for the purchase of Product and Price Payment

4.1 The Vendor shall publish on the Website the proposed purchase of Products that the Customer decides to use. It is understood that the image supplied of the Product on the description page may not be an exact representation of its characteristics but may differ in color and dimension of that which is offered in the image.

4.2 To make a payment the Customer must first select the appropriate check box on the Website and place an order online (following “Order” ), contextually proceeding payment of the indicated Price in each offer with the payment method that the Vendor makes available and accessible on the Website.

4.3 After making a purchase with its related payment, the Customer shall be responsible to supply the Vendor the personal necessary data for the invoice. The Customer is responsible to supply truthful data to the Vendor and maintain the data updated and complete in a time honored manner.

4.4 In the case in which the Customer proceeds with the online payment method (ex. purchase with credit card), the payment is correctly received and confirmed by the Vendor through an automatic email response, sent to the email of the Customer. The confirmed email shall convey the Customer’s inserted data who shall verify its accuracy and promptly convey possible corrections. In the case of failed payment, the Vendor shall convey this to the Customer. The above mentioned shall not transpire as in the case of a different form of payment than the form of online payment (ex. by bank transfer).

4.5 Once the availability of the Product is verified for which the Payment has been made, the Vendor shall send the Customer a confirmation email in which the expected delivery date of the product is indicated. Once the delivery is received, the purchase agreement shall be terminated.

4.6 Once Payment is confirmed, the date of the expected delivery of the product shall be determined by taking into consideration the necessary length of time for the mailing of the merchandise, shipment and handling of the merchandise by the carrier. In any case, the Vendor may inform the Customer with a specified email of the date that shipment of merchandise is scheduled to arrive.

4.7 The Customer is informed of and agrees to possible customs duty for the Order placed outside the European Union and that said Order shall be at the expense of the Customer.

Article 5 – Delivery of the Product

5.1 The Vendor shall ensure, within possibility, that the delivery is made within the established time frame that has been conveyed to the Customer, and shall understand that said time frame is merely an indicative one.

5.2 For Products that are not collected or claimed by the customer, expenses for delivery and returns, packing and administrative charges and any other incurred charges in regards to the delivery, for example; warehousing and redelivery costs.

Article 6 – The Right of Cancellation

6.1 According to Italian Law in regards to the expected time limit for goods purchased by the consumer on the Internet, the Customer has the right to cancel without penalty nor necessity for specification of the motive. If the Customer cancels an order, it must be done within the 14 working days that have elapsed from the scheduled receiving date of the Product.

6.2 The procedure to exercise the right of cancellation by the Customer involves communication in writing through email to the Vendor.

6.3 In the case of having to exercise the right to withdrawal in accordance with the aforementioned recorded information, the Vendor is held to the reimbursement of the Price which includes possible regular delivery expenses. This shall take effect within a 14 day limit from the known date of exercising the right of withdrawal.

6.4 The exercise of the right of withdrawal on part of the Customer, is in any case, dependent upon the following conditions:

  • (a) the right of withdrawal is applicable to the purchased Product in its entirety and it will not be possible to make a return of a part of the Product, for example, accessories;
  • (b) the right of withdrawal is applicable to sealed Products, although once opened, the Product may imply a decrease in value of the of the goods;
  • (c) the purchased Product shall be intact and returned in its original packaging, whole in its entirety (including packaging and possible accessory documentation, for example manuals, cables, etc.);
  • (d) the Product must be returned in a standard state of conservation, if it has been kept and used within the use of reasonable diligence. Products that have been used and show signs of damage or uncleanliness and as a consequence are not considered to be intact, shall be refunded and its value reduced.
  • (e) the cost of standard shipping, relative to the return of the Product, shall be at the Vendor’s expense, with exception of when otherwise indicated by the Vendor.
  • (f) the cost of standard shipping, relative to the return of the Product, shall be at the Vendor’s expense, with exception of when otherwise indicated by the Vendor.

6.5 the right of cancellation shall be wholly forfeited in the case that the condition of the product is damaged or parts are missing (packaging and/or content). To be verified by the Vendor, alternatively:

  • the packaging is missing its exterior and/or interior original wrapping;
  • absence of the entirety of the Product
  • damage of the Product

In the case of forefitting the right of cancellation, the Vendor shall procure to return the purchased Product to the Customer, charging the Customer the shipping costs.

Article 7 – Vendor’s Warranty and Responsibility

7.1 The products that are displayed on the Website shall benefit from a legal warranty of 24 months in case inherent flaws or defects according to the current regulations.

7.2. In the case of cancellation of the products that are non-compliant to the Order or defective, the Customer shall relay communication of the circumstance to the Vendor within a period of 2 months of discovering the defect. Communication may be via The Vendor shall provide for repair of the Product, if possible, or its replacement. If replacement of the Product is not possible, the Vendor shall provide for the reimbursement of the Price by reaccrediting the bank account that the Customer used for the purchase.

7.3 The Vendor does not assume any responsibility for malfunction attributed to force majeure or happenstance where also depending on a malfunction or disruption of the Internet, in which case the Order cannot be completed within the forseen deadline of the present contract.

Article 8 - Intellectual Property

8.1 Depending on the law and commercial agreements, the design, configuration, logo, graphics, images and sounds pertaining to the Website are property of the Vendor. The copying or duplicating of Intellectual Property is forbidden in whatever state or form that may entail – whole or partially.

8.2 Any non-authorized usage or that which is contrary to the law shall be prosecuted by the Vendor in civil or criminal proceedings.

Article 9 - Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

9.1 The present General Sales Conditions are regulated by Italian Law.

9.2 Any disagreement that is related to the interpretation, execution, inexact or missing implementation or invalidity of the present General Sales Conditions shall be the exclusive competence of the local court of residence of the Client. If the Customer does not reside on Italian territory, the responsibility shall lie with the court of territorial jurisdiction of the seller.

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